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LOLY Zamriver

I am an eCommerce expert and project manager for website development, dedicated to serving my students and clients, gaining the name of the eCommerce Queen!

An only child, mother of two, and wifey to Mr. Andres Zamriver.
I enjoy music, dancing, and good coffee.



Growing up I never imagined I could be part of this amazing world we call eCommerce, to me the simple fact of learning a new language was already pushing things too far.

Born in Mexico, raised in the US, and currently living in Ecuador, I have been able to use my multicultural background to effectuate top-notch websites, eCom shops, and funnels that guarantee customer satisfaction and conversions.

Technology has always amazed me, I like to think of it as a super power, you can either use it for good or for evil. Zamriverweb allows me to be able to use this “superpower” to help fresh entrepreneurs and companies to stand out online and generate income with their websites, funnels, or ecoms.

Today I am proud to be one of the pioneers of the “drop” business model in Latin America alongside my hubby Andres Zamriver.

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