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Víctor Andres Lapo

Hi, I am Victor Andres Lapo, but my friends call me Victor. At 20 years old my perspective in life is optimistic towards business. Currently finishing my university degree in Business Development and Entrepreneurship from UCSG, one of the most renowned universities in the country, and actively working as a business manager at Zamriver LLC.

An entrepreneur at heart, athlete, and soccer enthusiast!


I mentioned athlete in the short description, and I was not kidding! Since I was very young playing soccer came naturally to me, got so good at it that I was playing for many different soccer clubs in my country until I made it to the “B series” (one step before the “A Series” which is the big leagues). Had to stop due to personal issues at the age of 17, however, this talent for playing pro-soccer gave me the opportunity to get a scholarship and begin my university life.

I am currently studying Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation at the USCG, coursing the last semester and already dreaming of finally getting my degree. Business has been part of my life since I was 11 years old, when I decided to start a side hustle making bracelets, it wasn’t much but I did get profits and it started a series of business ideas that I decided to pursue. One of them got so crazy that I damaged some kitchen items in my house (my parents weren’t so happy about that one). My latest idea is soon to be launching a clothing line called WHITE.

Working at Zamriverweb has been a great fit for my vision and mission in life, I first started as an intern and now I am their business manager. Have learned about different tools, strategies, and business models. Currently in charge of the new interns and building an online presence for our clients.

I am proud to be part of this wonderful family and to continue helping companies make them a digital success.

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